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Our history

History ASESA

ASESA is a company founded on July 22, 1965, a pioneer in the Tarragona area specialized in refining to obtain asphalt bitumens. The company has highly qualified and trained staff.

History ASESA

As for the history of ASESA, it should also be noted that since the 1990s, ASESA is a company 50% owned by CEPSA and REPSOL, once the latter acquired the participation that the National Hydrocarbon Institute had in the company, who at the time had acquired the one that CAMPSA originally had.

The beginning

Asfaltos Españoles, S.A., (ASESA),Asfaltos Españoles, S.A., (ASESA), was established on July 22, 1965, by the Spanish Company of Petróleos, S.A., (CEPSA) and by the Tenant Company of the Petróleos Monopoly, S.A. (CAMPSA)

From the beginning, the company located its facilities in the South Industrial Area of Tarragona, of which it is one of the pioneer industries, and specialized its refining activity to obtain asphalt bitumen. The staff was mostly from the territory, especially from the seafaring area of the Serrallo in the city of Tarragona.

The initial installation had a distillation capacity of some 700,000 tons of crude oil, with some 500,000 tons of asphaltic bitumen and the rest of the distillates obtained.

Decade of the 70s 

The decade of the 70s was a time of growth and consolidation of the company. Notable milestones were the modification of the distillation unit (OBDELUNAR project), oxidation of bitumens (SOINAS project), expansion of the storage tank park, improvement in the quality of demineralized water used for steam generation in boilers with the installation of a reverse osmosis plant, and the start-up of the wastewater treatment plant. Regarding the latter, it is worth mentioning that ASESA was one of the first companies in the Tarragona industrial estate to have a physical-chemical and biological wastewater treatment plant, replacing its previous plant with only decanting.

Decade of the 80s

In the 80s an important technification of the company took place, with the incorporation of highly qualified technical personnel. From this period, it is worth noting the notable boost given to the Prevention of Occupational Risks and to environmental management. At the same time, at this time, an important bet is placed on the knowledge of crude oils and asphalt bitumen, with ASESA having a clear technological leadership at the state level.

Decade of the 90s

Since the 90s, ASESA is a 50% owned company by CEPSA and REPSOL, once the latter acquired the participation in the company had the National Institute of Hydrocarbons, which had acquired the original CAMPSA had at the time.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the time came when ASESA began to work in a maquila regime for its Shareholders.

Since its inception ASESA, with 8% of all the shares, is one of the main shareholders of the company AITASA (Aguas Industriales de Tarragona, S.A.), which also has its origins at that time.

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