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ASESA is awarded again in the Coasihq awards for non-disasters

On June 5, COASHIQ (Autonomous Commission of Safety and Hygiene in the Work of Chemical and Allied Industries) gave its Annual Prizes to the Management of Safety at Work 2018.

These Awards acknowledge the work of those companies in the sector that each year manage to reduce their rates of accidents with low as well as companies that have achieved zero accidents with loss during the year.

In representation of ASESA, our Head of Security, Maria Almudeve, and two prevention delegates, Jordi Morón and Marga Vila, participated in the event, being the one who collected the award from Cristina Moreno, General Director of Work and Labor Welfare, and Director of INVASSAT (Valencian Institute of Safety and Health at Work), and Paulino Garrido, Vice President of COASHIQ.

The security management awards are a recognition for prevention in ASESA, so the management congratulates all staff for this important achievement and encourages to continue working so that the goal of zero accidents is always present in our day a day.

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